Shane Renard
SRES, GRI, ABR, and Smart Home Cert.
Shane Renard
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Shane J. Renard 

President - Renard Realty Group Brokerage Firm 

President - NxGen Investment Firm


Our Story - Renard Realty Group & NxGen Investment Firm

Founded in 2008, Renard Realty Group was nothing but a dream. A broke 31 yr old young man with 3 little children. Shane bought his 1st home to renovate and raise his family on the west side of Green Bay, WI. During negotiations to purchase the home, the real estate agent was no help and very deceiving. Leaving Shane to fend for himself in the deal. Later to find out that the home was a lemon. Shane worked day and night on the home to make it better for his family with very little income. Frustrated, Shane studied for his real estate license. Surely, he could make sure others would not get the short end of another deal like this! The agent only cared about the commission check and never answered calls or returned the calls. 

Later that year in 2008 Shane earned his real estate sales license and started working for a local brokerage firm. While working a full time job and 2 part time jobs; one being real estate. Shane struggled to make ends’ meet. Ferociously studying books on sales, investing and business; his appetite for knowledge grew. Later in 2009, Shane was gaining traction with clientele and starting to make a little money. Increasing his knowledge, Income and finally starting to see the ‘fruits of his labor’ also while growing his brand which was important to him. 

In the summer of 2010 Shane met a group of investors that changed his mindset. What he was taught in real estate was only at the corporate level of residential real estate. This group taught him that the real money in real estate was in purchasing it, not selling it. Thus catapulting his quest for real estate investing. He bought his first upper/lower duplex for $50,000.00 which today he still owns. This duplex did not make a ton of money. But, this was the start of it all. Learning, growing and assisting others in real estate. Whether it be buying a home, or buying an investment property. Later on Shane realized his true passion was helping others and himself growing generational wealth, while mitigating capital gains taxes legally. 

Over the years Shane has continued on his quest to assist many others who share the same passion of real estate investments. Today, Shane and his team of advisors are working in the local area in Green Bay, WI and passionately shares the devotion of real estate with over 76,000 clients throughout the United States. 

Today, the firm assists in Business acquisitions, Investment portfolios, Industrial, Commercial and the luxury Residential markets with an annual revenue of over $30 Million in sales, and in the top 1% of sales performers in the WI. Shane understands the importance of working hard, and creating generational wealth for our clients. 

Awards & Accolades:
First Hybrid Brokerage Firm in WI
​$375,000+ GCI Month in Sales
​Black Swan Sales Training
Grant Cardone Sales Training
Spade Group​ Member - Elite Sales Training
Stupar Sales Training Graduate