Why is it a good time to sell?

Why is it a Good Time to Sell? And Why Do You Need a Good Brokerage Firm to Represent You?

To sell or not to sell, it’s a question that confuses most people. But you don’t have to be. Why? Because the real estate market is always full of many signs that indicate whether you should sell your home or not. 


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When it comes to selling a house in Wisconsin, timing isn’t everything. But it surely is something that plays a vital role in determining how the entire transaction and going to be. 

According to some overall stats, the best time to sell a house is in the summer season. It is the time where houses sell faster and for higher prices than ever. 

And even during the summer months, June triumphs it all. According to data by Redfin, homes in Wisconsin sell 13 days sooner and for $16, 417 in this month. 

Median Days on Market (DOM) is Low

This is yet another interesting factor during the summer months that the time it takes to sell a home during the summer months is way shorter.

Here’s a comparison of the home sales in Wisconsin.


Month to sell

Days sold faster than average











STAT: https://www.redfin.com/news/data-center/

Other Important Factors As to Why This is the Ideal Time to Sell?

Months of the year isn’t the only thing that proves why this is the ideal time to sell your home in Wisconsin. There are several other factors at play:

  • Mortgage rates are at an all time low meaning it’s easier to find buyers
  • House demand is high which means it’s a seller’s market

Moreover, the estimations of Freddie Mac say that home sales will crown 7 million in 2021. So, if you want to sell your home, now is the time to get right at it. But wait! You shouldn’t go at it all alone. Instead, you should hire a good brokerage firm to stand by your side. 

Importance of Hiring a Brokerage Firm 

A primary concern for home sellers is whether they can sell their homes independently or require a brokerage firm to administer the sale. 

There are pros and cons to both options. But we would recommend going with a brokerage. The reason is, a brokerage firm offers more security benefits than you can have yourself. 

Now, before we address the benefits of a brokerage firm, let us crunch some numbers to share how important they can be. 

  • The National Association of Realtors states that there were 5.34 million home sales in the US in 2018. Among these sales, 91% of sellers were real estate broker-assisted, while 87% of home buyers employed a broker. 
  • Regarding the brokerage commission, a seller’s broker gets 5-6% of the total selling price while the buyer’s broker gets 2.5-3%. 

A brokerage can help you find competitive buyers from a large fish pond, and if you pay a small percentage to your brokerage, it won’t hurt.

Reasons You Need a Brokerage Firm

Following are the reasons you should hire a brokerage firm for selling a home. 


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Can You Rush Home Whenever a Party Visits Your Place?

Real estate is full-time employment. You can’t always come back home from the office to show your property to potential buyers. Can you? 

A brokerage firm that represents you can do that. It’s their work, and they do it professionally by taking complete responsibility. 

A Brokerage Firm Has Vast Connections

Your representative firm can enlist your property in Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and bring in more buyers than you can. More buyers, more competition, and more rates.

A Brokerage Firm Can Filter Unqualified Buyers

Working with a brokerage can help filter people who are just curious to see your property and not interested in buying. They know what questions should be asked to qualify them and to save time. Can you do that? 

A Brokerage Can Do Better Price Negotiations

Being experienced in selling hundreds of properties, your brokerage firm knows how to deal with buyers and play the game to convince them. Even if you are good at selling, you can’t be better than a brokerage firm in negotiations. 


A brokerage firm knows what documents are required and what paperwork is needed to sell a house. They make sure no nuisance comes across and the sale takes place smoothly. 

You, as a homeowner, must not know about the required paperwork, but your brokerage does. 

The Bottom Line

So, what have we learnt? Two things. This is the best time to sell your home and hiring a brokerage firm comes with endless benefits. If you need a reliable brokerage firm, you can visit Renard Realty Group. We run this prestigious firm to assist our sellers. Contact us for your good. 

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